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The History
Baba Jaga was founded by Jette Virenfeldt, former Designer at In-Wear and House of Sand, and Per Just Iversen, former Purchasing Director at Message. After a long experience in the Danish and international fashion industry they decided to - "Rice a Star". Baba Jaga was born in Aarhus in 2006. The first year, the four collections were sold in 5 countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany and Faroe Islands.

The Idea
Baba Jaga is made by a desire for a feminine look expressed in a characteristic and slightly masculine design. Made by women for women with individual and creative minds, wishing to differ from the commen and boring things in life. Each item gets a new dimension by the way it is worn and mixed whit other styles. Wear it for every occasion, every day every party you want to turn into something special. Feel free, feel joyful and feel unique - whenever and wherever you wear it. By basic blacks and sophisticated whites the look will always be straight, cool, raw, exclusive and long-lasting.

The Myth
Baba Jaga is a mythical witch.
A creative wild woman of high birth, she is the mother and friend of all who are lost. All who wander restlessly, in the forest, by the sea or just through life.
She is life, death and life again.
Old patterns must die before new ones can be born …